ADP Group Testimonial at CDG

Interested in the applications of LiDAR in Airports? Learn more about how our customer Groupe ADP used our LiDAR Software solution.

Jun 15, 2023
Charlotte Simon

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Olivier Mercier

Senior Innovation Manager

“So LiDAR, sensors emit light to scan the environmental area by measuring the presence of obstacles like walls, like human form, like trolleys, like luggage.“

LiDAR sensor monitoring

“By this way, we make fusion of all the sensor data in real time. We can determine the position of human form and make an association with a trolley for example.”

Outsight's LiDAR Software Solutions at Airport

Erwan Le Roux

Project Manager - Airport Operations

Airport operations at CDG

“The LiDAR technology developed by Outsight is a very interesting response to our desire to optimize flow management and improve fluidity and the respect of sanitary measures by the passengers' whole journey in the terminal.”

Outsight's LiDAR Perception Software at airport

“And especially here in the baggage claim area. No personal data is collected by the technology, which is strictly compliant with GDPR regulations.

Thanks to the data collected and analyzed we are able to imagine and develop operational actions.”

Outsight's 3D Perception Software at airport

“Regarding sanitary measures when an area is crowded the authorized personnel can intervene and invite through audio announcements [the] passengers to respect social distancing and wear a mask.”

Custom line perfect for LiDAR solutions for Passenger Flow Control

“We can also transpose this type of technology in areas with similar waiting time problematics such as check in areas or border control for example.”

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