Outsight Photonics

World-class Laser Innovation

Based in Espoo (Finland), Outsight Photonics is a dedicated team of top scientists in Laser and Active Hyperspectral Sensing, pushing the limits of what’s possible in LiDAR.

We are focused in creating new concepts beyond what our LiDAR partners’ technology can do, namely a super-continuum Laser and a disruptive FMCW optical subsystem for LiDAR.
FMCW Laser for LIDAR - from Outsight

We develop our Laser-based solutions exclusively with Laser and Sensor technology partners.

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Super-continuum SWIR Laser

Current LiDAR technologies deliver Range and Intensity data on their working wavelength (8xx, 9xx or 1550nm). Some of them (FMCW) also deliver axial speed.
We have developed a high performance Solid State Super-continuum Laser in the SWIR band that allows Active Multispectral measuring in real-time.
Multi-spectral Supercontinuum SWIR Laser for LiDAR - Outsight

Full Reality Perception

Depending on the material composition of each object, incoming light is reflected differently on each wavelength in the SWIR band.
Our Laser illuminates a broad band of wavelengths simultaneously, which allows to read the spectral signature of the object, thus classifying its material composition.
Material ID detection with multispectral Laser for  LiDAR

We develop our Laser-based solutions exclusively with Laser and Sensor technology partners.

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   FMCW Laser Optical subsystem

Lasers used for FMCW lidar are typically semiconductor diode lasers. They are small in size, relatively low cost, and well developed due to heavy investment from the telecom industry.
However, they have drawbacks for long range operation including difficulty achieving the required coherence as well as high enough output power. In addition, they require an external interferometer for signal detection and in many cases an external modulator for frequency tuning.
We have developed a new class of lasers for FMCW LiDAR. They provide extremely high temporal coherence, 2 orders of magnitude higher output power, do not require an external interferometer or tuning device, and operate at wavelengths compatible with low noise and cheap silicon detectors.
FMCW Laser for LiDAR from Outsight
Don’t choose again between cost, performance and scalability.
Either on Scanning architectures or VCSEL like Array/Flash ones.
New FMCW Performance