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From Connecting a LiDAR to Tracking Objects in 90 Seconds

See how it takes only 90 seconds to go from plugging in your LiDAR to tracking objects.

Smart Infrastructure

Harbor Monitoring

Monitoring boats in the harbour with Outsight's Augmented LiDAR.

Smart Infrastructure

Mining Truck with 3D Slam

Guiding a mining truck with 3D SLAM.

Airborne Mapping of a City Street

A drone using the Augmented LiDAR Box to map a city street in real-time.

Industrial Automation

Applying Super-Resolution to Obstacle Perception

Outsight's SLAM on Chip creates a super-resolution 3D perception that allows LiDAR sensors to better detect obstacles by drastically improving the number of point hits per frame.

An Autonomous Shuttle Navigating Through a Campus

An autonomous shuttle avoiding obstacles while driving through campus.

6DoF LiDAR-only SLAM vs. Raw Data

See the difference between data processed in real-time with the Augmented LiDAR Box and raw data.

GPS-Denied 3D SLAM in a Tunnel

Using 3D SLAM for GPS-denied mapping and localisation inside a tunnel with a Velodyne LiDAR sensor.

Forest Mapping and Segmentation

See how Outsight supports real-time forest mapping and segmentation.

Industrial Automation

Kinect Real-Time 3D Super-Resolution

See how Outsight can create super-resolution perception with a Kinect sensor in real-time.

Vehicles & Robots

3D SLAM Localization in a Vineyard

3D SLAM uses the irregularities of the grooves on the ground to get a complete 6 degrees of freedom position using a single LiDAR sensor.

3D SLAM with a 3D TOF Camera from IFM Electronics

Integrating Outsight's 3D SLAM technology with a 3D TOF Camera from IFM Electronics.

Forest Monitoring

Outsight's ALB supporting forest monitoring.

Industrial Automation

Comparing 3D SLAM Processed Data and Raw Data

See the difference between real-time 3D SLAM processed data from the Augmented LiDAR Box and raw data.

Airport People Flow Monitoring

Outsight's Spatial Intelligence Platform (SIP) allows you to track people in real-time, replay past data, select item classes, define zones, monitor waiting times, and more.

Smart Infrastructure

3D SLAM vs Raw LiDAR Data from a Boat

Compare LiDAR data processed with Outsight's 3D SLAM algorithm with raw data.

3D SLAM for Agriculture

3D SLAM using a Velodyne LiDAR sensor with raw data from the ground for localisation and 3D mapping.

Industrial Automation

Truck Load Segmentation

Discover the Augmented LiDAR Box's load segmentation and projection capabilities and see the difference between Augmented LiDAR and raw data's real-time ground and truck segmentation abilities.

Industrial Automation

Outsight Real-Time Processing from a DJI Drone

Integrating a 3D real-time view into the DJI Go app to allow for remote control applications.

Traffic Flow Classification

The Augmented LiDAR Box classifies passing traffic with data from an Ouster OS1 LiDAR sensor.

Smart Infrastructure

Anonymous People Tracking

Individual and aggregated object tracking in a queue without requiring personal identification.

Smart Infrastructure

Queue Management

See how Outsight's Spatial Intelligence Platform can be used to manage and optimize queue wait times.

Smart Infrastructure

Connecting Ouster LiDAR to the ALB

Empower your Ouster LiDAR sensor to deliver real-time 3D spatial intelligence with Outsight's Augmented LiDAR Box (ALB).

Augmented LiDAR Segmentation

The Augmented LiDAR Box provides advanced real-time segmentation including mapping moving and potentially moving objects without any reference maps or models.

Mapping a Building with a Drone

Using a drone to map a building with LiDAR.

Industrial Automation

Drone Infrastructure Surveillance

Outsight's Augmented LiDAR Box helping a drone inspect a bridge for structural issues.

Industrial Automation

Anonymous Tracking of People Queuing in Passport Control

Anonymously tracking passengers in passport control at Paris Charles-de-Gaulle Airport.

Smart Infrastructure

Connecting Velodyne LiDAR to the ALB

Empower your Velodyne LiDAR sensor to deliver real-time 3D spatial intelligence by connecting it with Outsight's Augmented LiDAR Box (ALB).

Multi-Sensor Fusion with Outsight

Fusion of inputs from multiple Velodyne sensors to seamlessly enhance localisation quality without the need for calibration or synchronisation.

Drone Localisation on Dunes

Outsight's Augmented LiDAR Box helping a drone localise its position in a sand dune. This illustrates how 3D SLAM for LIDAR doesn't require any features or landmarks to work.

Industrial Automation

Recycling Plant in High-Definition 3D

Outsight's 3D SLAM algorithm displaying the inside of a recycling plant in high-definition.

Industrial Automation

Single Static LiDAR ALB Configuration Tutorial

A tutorial on how to use a single LiDAR setup for ITS.

Smart Infrastructure

Real-Time 3D Tracking in an Airport

Outsight's Augmented LiDAR Box (ALB) allows for real-time 3D tracking of people and luggage.

Smart Infrastructure

GPS-Denied 3D SLAM in an Orchard

Outsight's robust outdoor localization in an orchard using only our 6 Degrees of Freedom SLAM algorithm and a Velodyne multi-layer LiDAR sensor.

Industrial Automation

Autonomous Truck at the Port of Dubai

Follow the journey of an Outsight and Ouster-powered self-driving truck through the Port of Dubai.

Wide Area People & Luggage Flow with Individual Tracking

Individual people and luggage flow monitoring in the Paris Charles-de-Gaulle Airport.

Smart Infrastructure

Social Distancing Tracking

Use Outsight's spatial intelligence solution to set social distancing requirements and receive real-time violation alerts.

Smart Infrastructure

Real-Time Power Line Segmentation from a Drone

Outsight's Augmented LiDAR Box helps detect power lines in real-time for surveillance and immediate crash avoidance for helicopters.

Industrial Automation

Autonomous Robot Working in a Warehouse

An autonomous robot guided by Outsight's 3D SLAM algorithms navigates through a warehouse.

Airport Passport Control Management

Outsight's Spatial Intelligence Platform is helping airports, like Paris Charles-de-Gaulle Airport, monitor and manage crowds at passport control.

Smart Infrastructure

SLAM in an Orchard

Watch Outsight's SLAM help an autonomous agricultural vehicle navigate through an orchard.

An Introduction to Augmented LiDAR

The Augmented LiDAR Box makes your LiDAR data more usable and accessible for easier obstacle detection, real-time mapless segmentation, and multi-sensor fusion capabilities.

Overview of Outsight's Real-Time Features

Discover how the Augmented LiDAR Box (ALB) provides live 3D mapping (HD LiDAR), real-time point classification, and object detection and tracking from a single LiDAR sensor.

Autonomous Truck Convoy

Watch as the lead vehicle creates a real-time map that's shared wirelessly with the other vehicles. Outsight's 3D SLAM algorithms allow the other trucks to localize in the same reference and improve the map in real-time.

Augmented LiDAR vs Raw Data

See the difference between Outsight's Augmented LiDAR and raw data.

Tracking a Man and a Dog Walking

Can you tell who's the man and who's the dog? LiDAR tracking with Outsight provides a surprising insight.

Smart Infrastructure

3D SLAM for Agriculture Helping Map Almond Trees

Watch Outsight's 3D SLAM algorithm map almond trees at a plantation.

Industrial Automation

Spatial Intelligence for Airport Operations

Get an overview of Outsight's Spatial Intelligence Platform and how it allows airports to monitor people flows, create custom zones, and more.

Smart Infrastructure

Automated Harbor Surveillance and Observation

Advanced SLAM algorithms survey and observe ships at port. This technology provides a full panoramic view during the day or at night.

Industrial Automation

3D Mapping of a Recycling Plant

Mapping the inside of a recycling plant with Outsight's 3D SLAM algorithms.

Industrial Automation

Automatic Harbor Monitoring

A boat uses advanced SLAM algorithms for port surveillance and observation, producing a full panoramic view during the day or at night.

Drone Security in Action

A drone using Outsight's 3D SLAM algorithm to patrol a secure area to ensure there are no trespassers.

Drone Using Outsight's Augmented LiDAR

Watch a drone use Outsight's Augmented LiDAR Box and a Velodyne sensor to create a 3D map in real-time.

Drone Relocalisation

A drone localising its position with Outsight's 3D SLAM technology on a previously created map.

Industrial Automation

Self-Driving Car Powered by Outsight

Another example of Outsight's Augmented LiDAR Box helping guide a self-driving car.

Driverless Car on a Rural Road

An autonomous car using a single LiDAR sensor with no IMU or GPS.

Vehicle Navigation with Ouster OS2

A vehicle using SLAM on Chip and an Ouster OS-2 sensor.

Navigating Alongside Trees with 3D SLAM

Navigating alongside trees in an orchard with 3D SLAM.

Drone Perception & Localization in a Forest

A drone using Outsight's 3D SLAM algorithm to localize and perceive the environment in a dense forest.

GPS-Denied Harbour Monitoring

6DoF infrastructure-less, GPS-denied, single-sensor 3D SLAM habour monitoring.

Smart Infrastructure

People Monitoring and Temperature Detection

Outsight is helping to create safer public spaces by detecting and tracking people who are not wearing masks or who have high body temperatures.

Smart Infrastructure

Traffic Monitoring and Classification with Ouster

Initial tests for monitoring and classifying traffic with an Ouster OS-1 sensor.

Smart Infrastructure

Detecting and Tracking Vehicles on a Highway

Detecting and tracking various vehicles on a highway.

Smart Infrastructure

3D SLAM in a Field of Saplings

Outsight's 3D SLAM algorithm mapping a field of saplings.

Industrial Automation

Object Detection & Tracking on Highway

The Augmented LiDAR Box detects and tracks traffic from a car using a single Velodyne sensor.

Real-Time 3D Scan of a Dock From a Boat

A real-time 3D scan of a dock from a boat using our SLAM localization and perception algorithms.

Real-Time Pointwise Classification

The Augmented LiDAR Box can provide detailed real-time pointwise classifications from a single LiDAR sensor.