Augmented LiDAR BOX from Outsight

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XYT Van - Velodyne LiDAR and Outsight

Make Smarter and Safer Robots & Vehicles

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Paris Charles de Gaulle Luggage Claim zone with LiDAR from Outsight

Add Spatial AI to your Infrastructure

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The Augmented Lidar Box replaces the interface box of your Lidar and provides in real-time the building blocks to build your application.
Connecting Velodyne LiDAR VLP-16 Puck to Augmented LiDAR Box from Outsight

Seamless integration into vehicles & infrastructure, for both prototyping and series production.

Plug & play
Spatial Intelligence

Getting the best value out of Lidar data should not require years of expert work.

All you need is a REST command.
Example of interfacing with the Augmented LiDAR Box from Outsight

With any LiDAR

One interface, any model or manufacturer.
Augmented LiDAR Box from Outsight working with many LiDARS: Velodyne, Robosense, Hesai, Ouster, Sense Photonics, Pearl, Waymo Honeycomb

See what’s possible

3d slam and Relocalisation
3D SLAM & Relocalisation,
Absolute & Relative
Point wise Perception
Point-wise perception,
Free space & Segmentation
Feature Tracking
Object Detection, Tracking
& Classification

We can help

Over the years, we’ve built transformative solutions such as the first automated forklifts and hyper-granular people & objects monitoring in Airports & other venues, using the Augmented Lidar Box.
Our Engineering Services’ offering is here to help building yours.