Spatial Intelligence with Laser Precision

Hundreds of customers in a variety of industries — from airports to cities and restaurants — use our Spatial AI Software to leverage the unique value of 3D data.

Unlock the power of 3D LiDAR data

Our Software Platform empowers the use and integration of 3D data for anonymous people tracking and vehicle flow monitoring.
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Anonymous by definition

Laser light, unlike cameras, doesn't recognize people.

You can now anonymously monitor individuals and vehicles without gathering any image, license plates, FaceID or other personal data.
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Unleashing Spatial Intelligence

We provide the most efficient way to leverage the unique value of 3D LiDAR data
People and vehicles flow monitoring

Detect, track and classify objects

Precisely follow the movement of people and vehicles with unprecedented accuracy in any lighting conditions, using the most appropriate LiDAR sensor for your context.
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Live 3D tracking using LiDARPeople tracking with LiDAR
Spatial Analytics

Monitor sensitive areas in real-time

Create custom alarms and analyse people & vehicle behaviour over long periods of time in your Zones of Interest thanks to embedded analytics.
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Lidar DashboardLidar DashboardLidar Dashboard
Lidar DashboardLidar DashboardLidar Dashboard

Meet Shift

The most advanced LiDAR Software Platform
The real-time Perception software fuses LiDAR data from various sensors and manufacturers and turns it into actionable Object Detection and Unique ID Tracking information.
The object data is further transformed by Shift Analytics into business KPIs such as Waiting Time stats, Queue detection, and Individual Journeys, that can trigger alarms or can be analysed over time as aggregated data.
As an integrator, you can access Object-level or KPI data via Perception and Analytics APIs respectively, as well as leverage our ready-to-use Solutions including a Dashboard and UI for your use case.

Hear from our customers

"Outsight's software was the ideal choice for optimizing smart intersections, thanks to its superior accuracy and seamless integration with existing infrastructure"

City of Bellevue

"LiDAR technology is becoming increasingly important for airports, Outsight caught our attention by providing a new level of intelligence to our operations with any sensor"

Groupe ADP

"The Outsight software quickly appeared to be the appropriate solution for measuring speed and inter-vehicle distance on highways, compatible with various sensors"

Macq Mobility
Integrate with our API

Build your own Spatial AI solution

Seamlessly integrate our Spatial Intelligence data output through our API and a standard, open data format,
Learn more about our open data format
LiDAR Agnostic

Welcome to hardware freedom

There is no perfect sensor nor manufacturer: our Software is compatible with all relevant hardware and gives you the choice to use and combine the most appropriate ones.
Why Outsight ?

Partner with the best

Fast & Easy deployment

Working in hours, not weeks. Deployment made simple with auto calibration & synchronisation.

Use the right LiDAR sensor

With our software and tools you can use the best combination of sensors and manufacturers for your needs.

Achieve world-class performance

Independent third-party audits have verified an impressive accuracy rate of up to 99% in critical metrics

Optimise cost & energy

Our Edge & Cloud architectures minimise processing, network and setup costs while ensuring scalability.

Leverage the most advanced tools

We’ve built the most advanced set of tools, including the first Multi-Vendor 3D LiDAR Simulator.

Future proof

Our solution grows with you, with OTA updates and ensuring hardware availability over time.

4.7 Billion
3D objects tracked per year on average
73 Patents
filed, more than 30% already granted
20 Years
leadership in LiDAR Software

Success stories

“The speed at which Outsight's software could be installed, calibrated, and integrated with our system was unmatched, making it the perfect solution for vehicle tracking”


“Our power plants’ inspection have been transformed by Outsight's software, which has provided us the ability to navigate and inspect in complex, multi-level environments.”

TechnicFMC - Cybernetix

“Because it had the capacity to merge multiple sensors, generate 3D models of moving objects, segment and compute the load from trucks, Outsight’s software was the solution.”

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