Multi-Vendor LiDAR Simulator

The most advanced and user-friendly solution to plan and optimise your LiDAR project, with any hardware.
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> 2000
different projects simulated per year
47 TB/year
processed from dozens different lidars
7.9 Billion
3D data points simulated

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“We were truly amazed by Outsight’s Simulation tool. The smooth integration of sensors from diverse brands impressed us!"


“It has been an invaluable tool for us to illustrate lidar coverage and evaluate the pros and cons of different sensors and configurations."


"Our customers have a clear understanding and confidence in the solution before sending technicians out in the field."

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How it works

Plan. Optimize. Deploy.

An essential tool for anyone delving into the world of LiDAR technology, directly from your browser
Project Definition
Project Setup
Everything begins with a definition of your site, (i.e. a 2D map, a Google Maps location or a BIM file). Identify the areas you wish to monitor, your physical constraints and determine the Spatial Insights you aim to collect.
Use Shift Simulator to accurately model your site and surrounding objects, determine the optimal LiDAR selection, and pinpoint their precise placement and orientation
With a refined project definition in hand, explore options from various manufacturers, visualize and share online, or export in diverse formats. You now have all the required information for a successful setup.
The first Multi-Vendor LiDAR Simulator
The first Multi-Vendor LiDAR Simulator
The first Multi-Vendor LiDAR Simulator
The first Multi-Vendor LiDAR Simulator

Craft your Project

From reality to Results in minutes

No-Code Full Spatial Simulation

Build your scenario

You can create your own 3D scene or import your map as a background by using the built-in tools

Insert 3D Objects

There is a wide variety of 3D objects available in the simulator, including people, trees, and vehicles.

Pick your LiDAR(s)

All relevant sensors from different manufacturers are available for you to use and combine

Experience the convenience of Shift Simulator Software.

Build your custom simulation effortlessly, tailored just for you.

Forget about the hassle of development; every action can be executed with a simple click of your mouse, right from your browser.
Works with all relevant LiDAR models and brands
Blickfeld Cube OutdoorRobosense RS32 LiDARInnoviz Two
Robosense BPearl LiDARSICK MRS 1000 LiDARInnovusion Falcon

Try it yourself

Advanced tools for TOP results

Optimise Performance

Maximise Signal Coverage

Instantly assess whether the sensor's current position and orientation meet the required detection quality

Focus on Zones of Interest

Prioritize critical zones effortlessly, directing your attention to what truly matters

Check Results

Evaluate the setup's effectiveness both at the site-wide level or on an individual object basis

Shift Simulator ensures optimal outcomes : using the incorrect number or combination of sensor types can significantly influence both the hardware cost of your project and the operational hassle.

We provide you with the tools to navigate these complexities, ensuring the best balance of efficiency and effectiveness
Flexible & Future-proof

Customise at will

3D Shapes Editor

It has never been simpler to design, manipulate, and customize 3D zones and shapes in high definition

Multi-item manager

You can concurrently move, adjust, and modify the attributes of several objects, forms, and LiDARs

Easy access & Collaboration

Multiple users can collaborate on a single project, adding annotations to objects for enhanced clarity

Recognizing that every user's goal is unique, the platform is designed for adaptability.

Whether you're aiming for intricate simulations of hundreds of LiDARs or straightforward projects, you can customize your interaction with the software to align perfectly with your specific requirements.
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