People & Crowd Analytics powered by LiDAR

Our 3D Artificial Intelligence Software harnesses the power of LiDAR data to enhance operational efficiency, enrich visitor experiences, and bolster security and safety measures.

Next-Generation Spatial Intelligence

The ability to accurately and anonymously monitor the movement of each individual and their interactions with the assets on your premises is now a reality.

This technology offers insights of unparalleled depth and precision, significantly outperforming traditional methods such as  cameras.

Anonymous by definition

Laser light, unlike cameras, doesn't recognize people.

You can now anonymously monitor each individual traveller position and behaviour without gathering any image, FaceID or other personal data.
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A new dimension in People Monitoring


Spatial Analytics at scale

Seamlessly monitor thousands of individuals simultaneously, each assigned a unique tracking ID, across your entire site.
Key performance indicators

Monitor essential metrics

Enhance operations through detailed analysis and prediction of passenger patterns, density, waiting times, and asset utilization.

Select from a wide array of ready-to-use KPIs, or effortlessly create your custom metrics to meet specific needs.
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Lidar Key Performance Indicators
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People Counting Comparative Guide

Full Situation Awareness of your Site


Advanced Spatial Analytics

Continuous Individual Journey

Seamless tracking across vast sites and thousands of individuals at once. Capture the exact location and interactions of every person.

Zone-based KPIs

Establish your own metrics for each Zone of Interest: obtain highly detailed data or broaden your view to analyze an entire site.

Immediate Alarms & Statistics

Activate personalized alerts tailored to your Zones, thresholds, and rules. Aggregate and store data for comprehensive long-term analysis.

The Shift Analytics Platform offers a clear view of your premises, unaffected by lighting conditions, be it indoors or outdoors.

Elevate operational efficiency and strengthen security and safety measures by gaining comprehensive insights into each individual's movements, actions, and interactions.
Spatial Analytics with LiDAR

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Multi-Level Tracking

Now, you can continuously track the journey of each visitor across different levels— i.e. from parking to store.

This capability is enabled by the adaptability of LiDAR technology, which can be mounted in various locations, and the unique features of the Shift Perception software.

Transformative Spatial Data for Infrastructure Operations

Transportation Hubs

Increase safety and understand traffic flow and individual traveller’s journeys from curb to gate in Airports, Train stations and Port Terminals.

Smart Places

Accurate people tracking and analytics in Quick Service Restaurants, Retail and Venues. Elevate visitors' experience and increase security in Tourism sites.

Site Monitoring & Security

Create keep-out zones and trigger alarms for Critical Sites’ security. Monitor both indoor & outdoor spaces like fence lines and gates.

Industrial applications

Ensure safety alongside machinery and build your digital twin and Monitor the activity throughout your entire factory or warehouse.


Measure & Understand

People Counting & Waiting Times

The first set of KPIs focuses on the precise counting of individuals and their wait times, including automated detection of unstructured queues.

Flow Monitoring

Understand traffic patterns using a set of KPIs designed to gauge the movement across virtual boundaries within specific time intervals.

Usage of Resources

Get new insights into the actual efficiency and effectiveness of resource allocation, ensuring that assets are used optimally.

Dive deeper into your visitor's experiences with our KPI Engine.

These sets of plug&play metrics transform your understanding, enabling you to not only appreciate the nuances of each passenger's journey but also to optimize your space utilization and asset deployment.

Professional Software built by specialists

World-class Performance

Data you can trust

Independent audits verify up to 99% accuracy in key metrics against ground truth data in real-life scenarios [busy terminals bustling with thousands].
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Lidar DashboardLidar DashboardLidar Dashboard
The highest LiDAR Performance solution


From individual sensors to a network of hundreds within a single location, we seamlessly handle data processing, networking, calibration, and synchronization in any situation.

Easy to use

Whether you're navigating our Interface or integrating with our API, our platform is designed for simplicity: jumpstart your project in minutes and craft the most advanced solutions.


Harness the best combination of Lidar sensors in any location, choose your desired processing hardware, and seamlessly integrate with both Edge and Cloud environments.


Our Supervision layer allows detecting and adapting to hardware failures. As market pioneers, our solution has proven its reliability in the most challenging situations for years.

ADVANCED Capabilities

State of the Art features

Leverage Historical data

Instant access to vast amounts of historical data and the ability to recompute KPIs on-demand, using your preferred metrics and logic.

Supervision Module

Continuously monitor the health of the complete system, including hardware and software components and get custom reports and alerts.

Custom Reports

Produce as many reports as needed with different levels of granularity, and frequency. View them on-line, by email or export the data.

Leverage history of events
As industry trailblazers, we continuously debut innovative features that advance the sector.

Our developments are significantly influenced by valuable customer feedback, resulting in innovations at both the backend and system levels.
Supervise your LiDAR solutionLidar reports for Crowd Monitoring
LiDAR Agnostic

Welcome to hardware freedom

There is no perfect sensor nor manufacturer: our Software Solution is compatible with all relevant hardware and gives you the choice to use and combine the most appropriate ones.
Integrate with our ANALYTICS API

Customize your Spatial AI solution

Seamlessly integrate KPI and other analytics data in your application thanks to a standard & open data format
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Why Outsight ?

Partner with the best

Fast & Easy deployment

Working in hours, not weeks. Deployment made simple with auto calibration & synchronisation.

Use the right LiDAR sensor

With our software and tools you can use the best combination of sensors and manufacturers for your needs.

Achieve world-class performance

Independent third-party audits have verified an impressive accuracy rate of up to 99% in critical metrics

Optimise cost & energy

Our Edge & Cloud architectures minimise processing, network and setup costs while ensuring scalability.

Leverage the most advanced tools

We’ve built the most advanced set of tools, including the first Multi-Vendor 3D Lidar Simulator.

Future proof

Our solution grows with you, with OTA updates and ensuring hardware availability over time.

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