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Lidwave was built with the passion and the knowledge to disrupt the field of 3D sensing by challenging the fundamental barriers of the current LiDAR technologies. The company’s mission statement is to make LiDAR technology ubiquitous. Lidwave’s groundbreaking platform lowers costs, boosts scalability, and enhances performance. It provides entire sectors with easy access to the fundamental technology they need to move forward.


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Yehuda Vidal
Yehuda Vidal has been the CEO at Lidwave since 2021. Before joining Lidwave, he had been a Researcher in the optoelectronic computing lab of Prof. Aharon Agranat, Department of Applied Physics, Hebrew University of Jerusalem. Specialized in optoelectronics, lasers, semiconductors, RF, high power electronics, design and build complex electro-optical setup, test & measurement, signal processing, and problem-solving. In his research, he developed novel ultra-fast Electro-Holographic and Electro-Optic pulse generation techniques for implementing Active Q Switching in solid-state laser systems operating in the 2μm range. In addition, Yehuda developed a new technique for obtaining impedance matching over a wide bandwidth for high-capacitance load in high-voltage circuits (patent pending).
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