The most advanced 3D Perception Software

Detect, track and classify people and vehicles with unprecedented accuracy, using your preferred LiDAR sensor, in real-time.
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Anonymous by definition

Laser signals don’t allow to capture personal data: it’s a natively private technology.

You can now anonymously monitor individuals and vehicles without Face ID or reading license plates.
Anonymization vs. Anonymous: learn the difference
How it works

Make sense out of sensor data

We transform massive amounts of 3D raw data from a combination of Lidars into actionable information.
Combine any LiDAR
Our Software ingests and combines raw data (3D point-cloud) from a combination of Lidars from different manufacturers, with heterogeneous data formats.
We transform these massive amounts of data into actionable information like Unique Object ID tracking, in real-time.
The output is delivered as an standard open data format with only relevant information. As an integrator you can access this Object-level information via our Perception API.

Seamless 3D Perception

People detection & Tracking

Full Situation Awareness of your site

People Detection

Combine as many sensors as required to count and detect the movement of each individual person and its behaviour per Zone of interest

Continuous Tracking

Monitor the precise position, speed, and interactions of each individual across your entire site, with thousands of people simultaneously.

Zone-based Alarms

Trigger custom alarms when individuals or vehicles enter, remain within, or exit your custom-defined Zones of Interest.

The Shift Perception Software gives you a seamless view of your space in any lighting conditions, indoors or outdoors.

Improve your operational efficiency and increase security and safety by gaining a comprehensive understanding of each individual's journey at scale.

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Works with all relevant LiDAR models and brands
Works with all relevant LiDAR models and brands
Blickfeld Cube OutdoorLivox HAP Livox Mid360 LiDARInnoviz360InnovizOne
Robosense BPearl LiDARSICK MRS 1000 LiDAR

Monitor vehicle traffic with Laser precision

Position & Speed Tracking

Follow the precise trajectory and velocity of each vehicle & surrounding pedestrians

Object classification

Accurately detect & classify pedestrians, vehicles and two-wheelers.

Build your own scenarii

Activate alarms based on Zones of Interest as well as interaction between objects.

Monitor critical areas within roads, parkings or cities through tailored alerts based on vehicle’s position, type and velocity.

Seamlessly integrate the output with any other system using our API.

Professional Software built by specialists

World-class Performance

The highest accuracy at scale

Third-party audits confirm up to 99% accuracy in critical metrics when measured against ground truth data, in demanding environments like busy airports teeming with thousands of passengers
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Lidar DashboardLidar DashboardLidar Dashboard
The highest LiDAR Performance solution


From individual sensors to a network of hundreds within a single location, we seamlessly handle data processing, networking, calibration, and synchronization in any situation.

Easy to use

Whether you're navigating our Interface or integrating with our API, our platform is designed for simplicity: jumpstart your project in minutes and craft the most advanced solutions.


Harness the best combination of Lidar sensors in any location, choose your desired processing hardware, and seamlessly integrate with both Edge and Cloud environments.


Our Supervision layer allows detecting and adapting to hardware failures. As market pioneers, our solution has proven its reliability in the most challenging situations for years.

Integrate with our API

Build your own Spatial AI solution

Seamlessly integrate Object Tracking data in your application thanks to a standard & open data format, irrespective of each LiDAR's proprietary protocol
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Advanced processing Features

Smart Vehicles & Industrial applications

Navigate & Localise Robots

Provide your robot or smart vehicle with Situational Awareness’ capabilities, enabling it to effectively localize itself and navigate safely.

Measure volumes

Precisely measure the load of trucks and stockpile volumes in real-time, so you can assess the actual value or drive process automation.

Ground truth & Smart Mapping

Create real-time 3D point-cloud maps and extract Ground Truth information out of massive amounts of recorded lidar data.

3D LiDAR data opens up many new possibilities in Industrial and Robotics applications, providing an unprecedented level of Situational Awareness.

The technology is specially well suited for operations like Volume measurement and mapping.

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