Smarter Vehicles and Robots

Add 3D LiDAR Situation Awareness to your Vehicles, either for improved Safety or Full Autonomy.
XYT Vehicle with LiDAR

Localization & 3D HD Perception

From first plugging your LiDAR to SLAM and real-time 3D Super-resolution live map in 30 seconds.

Plug & Play Situation Awareness

Unplug the default LiDAR Interface Box, you won’t need it anymore.

Plug the Augmented LiDAR Box. You are ready.

Outdoor Logistics Automation

Seaport Operators can leverage the value of Fully Automated Trucks.
Last-mile Robotic Delivery, Material Handling Automation and many other applications at your fingertips.
DG World Port Automation with LiDAR, Velodyne VLP-32 and Outsight

Off-Road Mobile Robotics

Sometimes the road is not flat and there are no visible markings to help guide your car.

Sometimes there is no road. And you need 6 Degrees of Freedom SLAM & Relocalisation, Object Detection and Tracking and Free Space information.
SAFRAN offroad vehicle with LiDAR and Outsight


Push the limits of what can be done with LiDAR, before fusing with other sensors, so you can achieve the highest system robustness and functional safety levels.

Robotics Research and Prototyping

The easiest way to integrate LiDAR pre-processing into your mobile robotics Research project or for quick prototyping.
Robot Dog with LiDAR